Self-Sovereign biometric identity

We develop blockchain-integrated biometric identification solutions and the concept of self-sovereign identity.

The citizen governs from an eWallet the use of his biometric identification certified by an issuer.

At the point where a biometric verification based on facial recognition is required, the user will be able to authorize it from their mobile phone. Face recognition cameras will be enabled to match from obtaining the facial template provided by the eWallet and certified and traced on blockchain platform.

Both the issuer, the citizen and the verifier will have associated DID keys allowing the automation of facial recognition and temperature capture to have guarantees at the level of GDPR and the citizen has control over the use of personal data, giving consent and revoking it when you consider it on an encrypted, inviolable and reliable network

Most outstanding application cases
  • Integration with identity accreditation bodies
  • Access control in buildings or restricted areas
  • Accreditations for events that require personal identification
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