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GEYCE Biometrics LoadDoc

BioIdenti^LoadDoc is an application whose objective is to read an identification document (DNI, Passport, etc.) from a document reader by reading vizOCR, MRZ or through RFID; once the personal and identification data found in that document have been loaded, it dumps them into any application form that is required: PMS Software for Opera®, Othello®, SIHOT®, SAP®, Millenium® Hotels, etc.

The system performs a parallel registration in a configurable file or database for later control together with the images of the scanned documents (depending on the reader used and the product license it is possible to extract the IR and UV images, in addition to carrying out checks of authenticity of the document).

This software is updated to the latest versions of passports and IdCard (such as DNI 3.0 or 4.0) of all countries according to ICAO regulations. (ICAO 9303 Regulation).

What we offer

modelo 3M AT9000 MK2

Document readers

Ability to read and process images of passports, ID cards, visas and all kinds of documents quickly, easily and accurately.

Support for travel documents that comply or not with ICAO.

Documentos que pueden ser leídos

Processed Documents

BioIdenti^LoadDoc performs, by default, the RFID reading; if this reading does not obtain information, the MRZ reading is automatically used. It obtains information from all types of passports and even allows reading the new electronic DNI 3.0  or 4.0, (implemented since 2015 and 2021, respectively), which contains a chip with dual interface, located this time on the back of the card, which allows the connection through hardware, but also wirelessly through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Reducción de tiempo de espera

Wait time

Reduces waiting times in accesses with a large influx of people.

  • Hotel reception. Check-in in a few seconds
  • Public organisms
  • Airports
  • Bank entities
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Casinos, notaries, events, etc.
Reducción errores en toma de datos

Improved data collection

Reduces errors in data collection.

  • The data is automatically passed from the scanner to the application by simply pressing a key or automatically when passing the document through the reader (swipe or automatic capture models, such as Regula 7024).
  • Capture in less than 3 seconds.
Mejora imagen corporativa

Corporate image

Improve the corporate image.

  • Advanced and technological image of the company
  • Higher customer satisfaction.

Success stories

BioIdenti-Cell is not just a provider of visa and passport management solutions, but also develops other tools that facilitate data entry.

The need: development of a tool that allows entering, directly into a system, the data that appear in the accrediting document of a person, without having to type all this information.

The solution: BioIdenti-Cell has developed, together with the company Thales ©, an application that works with the Windows Operating System (from version 7), which allows the information contained in an identification document to be transferred to a system of introduction of data, after configuring the fields to be completed.

Success factors: BioIdenti ^ LoadDoc has been integrated with Opera® PMS software in the following hotels and in the Oracle Micros® system:

  • Marriott
  • Melià
  • Tryp
  • Preciados
  • Novotel
  • Asia Gardens

Who would be interested

Public organisms

Sports and leisure facilities


Notary cabinet



Bank entities


What makes us different

Product features

  • Process speed.
  • Compatibility with any interface (web forms, desktop applications, etc.). Integration without modification.
  • It allows integrating open conversion rules of the passport or DNI fields.
  • It allows integrating RFID, vizOCR or MRZ captures (separately or at the same time).
  • Integrated into a service portal. Update through the ClickOnce system (automated) or through MSI.
  • Fully configurable: number and name of the fields, execution keys, etc.
  • Infinite number of forms.
  • Document registration (in CSV format) or in a database and storage of the captured images at the same time as the information is transferred to the form.