Our values are ethical use of biometrics, loyalty, honesty, rigour and creativity

Ethical use of biometrics, facilitating strategies, investments and participation in R + D + i projects that allow us an evolution of this type of solutions that can coexist with control over the ownership of these sensitive data by the citizen.

Loyalty refers to a commitment with clients and the establishment of team loyalty. We think these notions go hand in hand. Our company is formed by experts and we have developed extensive knowledge stemming from projects and learning in conjunction with our clients as a foundation, and we assist our clients technologically in order to help them embrace innovation, integrating the fervent progress of knowledge.


Honesty is what we believe in and is what we consider ensures the sustainability of companies.

Rigour is part of our DNA as engineers. We combine it with creativity in order to find new solutions to problems.

Creativity stems from our commitment to forging a multidisciplinary team with varying profiles that complement one another, enabling us to adopt a unique, novel and different approach.