Specialists in consular management and issue of visas and passports

Gestio Consular

Solutions for embassies and consular offices: we offer basic components and expert equipment.

Response capacity all over the world.

Comprehensive solutions provided by us or in cooperation with partners.

Over 20 years’ experience in the development and modernisation of Spanish consular management, with responsibility over its implementation worldwide.

What do we offer?



Placing knowledge and expertise at the service of new mechanisation and improvement projects of a State’s consular offices.

The passport and visa enrolment process is common to most countries.

We advise on the start-up of biometric projects.


  • Solutions for visa and passport management implemented globally with optimum operation
  • Team of experts with proven capabilities
  • Possibility to cooperate with local partners and hardware or technological partners


Visa management

Global visa enrolment solutions covering all service stages. Real transfer of knowledge to the client. Biometric solutions tailored to volume and needs (see Fingerprint biometrics and Face biometrics). The envisaged interaction in one sole system of multiple players, such as:

  • Users of consular offices
  • Central authorities
  • Security services
  • Companies offering outsourced application services

Cooperation with other States; for instance, integration with the European VIS.

See functional summary

  • Option for scheduling an appointment and online pre-application
  • Pre-application option from outsourcing services
  • Visa application with forms suited to the multiple types supported or specifically created
  • Tax collection
  • Multi-biometric capture
  • Research module, cooperation with other States and creation of dossiers
  • Digitisation of documents attached to the application
  • Module for authorisation by the visa authority
  • Queries to the central authorities according to type of visa
  • Printing of the visa label
  • Comprehensive audit of all operations carried out from 3 perspectives:
    • Physical label
    • Applicant
    • Operator
  • Resolution notification
  • Issue of the resolution in the event of rejection or issue of the visa label
  • Lists and statistics

Passport management

Passport enrolment solutions with distributed or centralised issuance.
100% compliant EAC-PACE passport.
Possibility to define emergency passport or safe-conduct passes
Biometric solutions that can be integrated into mobile units.
Easy integration with other bodies, such as:


  • Criminal record check or black lists.
  • Outsourcing services
  • Systems for recording nationals

See functional summary

  • Option for scheduling an appointment and online pre-application
  • Tax application and collection
  • Multi-biometric capture
    • 2 fingerprints (see BioIdenti fingerprint solutions)
    • ICAO normalised front view face photograph (see BioIdenti face solutions)
  • Digitisation of documents attached to the application
  • Centralised queries and resolutions
  • Issue of safe-conduct passes and emergency passports
  • Printing of passport booklet, lamination, engraving of chip (BAC/EAC-PACE), PKIs and verification
    • Option based on centralised model and print booklet issue management by office
    • Receipt of booklets at consular office
  • Notification of the resolution to the applicant
  • Issue of resolution in the event of passport or citizen booklet rejection
  • Lists and statistics

Scheduling appointments

Solution designed to be integrated in any processing system. Anti-mafia measures. Designed to deal with mass audience. Configurable pre-application form. Regular agenda planning services. Contemplates days off and holidays. Modulated in three subsystems:


  • Centralised configuration system
  • Office planning and management system

Web port addressed to citizens

See functional summary

  • SuCITA web module addressed to citizens for:
    • Applying for a consular procedure (visa, passport, others), choosing/assigning day and time
    • Checking status of the procedure with any status changes being notified by mail
  • CITAS.CON module addressed to the consular office for:
    • Configuring one-stop shops and services, civil servants or operators and calendar of services, timetables and days off/holidays
    • Creating citizen attention agendas according to period, opening up hours per service and civil servant or operator
    • Managing appointments. It allows to manage the day-to-day activity in terms of arrival of citizens with appointment scheduled and start of the specific process
    • Lists and statistics
  • ATICuS module addressed to central services
    • Definition of offices with services for scheduling an appointment
    • General service configuration
    • Lists and statistics

Control of population abroad

  • Recording of residents and non-residents
  • Interface with the population
  • Issue of certificates to citizens by the consul
  • Registry on travellers (App)
  • Crisis management
  • Management of elections abroad
    • Formation of polling stations and population assigned thereto
    • Issue of letters/mail on the assignment of tables to citizens

Centralised service outsourcing systems

  • Extranet service layers or web pages focussed on service outsourcing:
    • Registration of visa pre-applications with attached documentation and biometrics
    • Check status of the procedure
    • Interfaces for accessing data by other State bodies


Success story

BioIdenti-Cell, company providing visa and passport management solutions implemented in all Spanish consular offices.

Need: comprehensive development of consular management, with capabilities for issuing visas and passports and recording consular identification cards, and of centralised systems for central Spanish authorities. Integration with the European VIS project.

Solution: BioIdenti-Cell has developed, along with the Sub-directorate General for Computing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the entire consular and central management.

Special elements: procedures for scheduling an appointment with the consulate for processing files have been included, as well as interfaces with other public administration bodies based on web services. Extranet services have been implemented for outsourcing certain services such as pre-applications for visas, scanning of documentation and printing of passport booklets.

Success factors: development platform based on our JEDI technology, making it possible to achieve a high level of productivity and the creation of solutions conceived to be maintained and evolved from their first implementation.


Governments, Ministries of Foreign and Internal Affairs

Benchmark technological consultancy companies in the respective States

Service outsourcing companies that can offer these solutions as services

Hardware companies related to security and people identification

What makes us different?



  • This type of project requires the participation of various companies specialising in software, systems, networks, equipment, devices, printers and laminators…
  • Vast experience in cooperation with the main companies in each sector
  • We specialise in the software segment, contributing with both knowledge and pre-fabricated components and modules which we adapt to each need
  • We integrate our BioIdenti multi-biometric management solutions

Agile methodology at the service of the management team


  • Iterative model with short cycles (3-6 weeks)
  • We encourage clients to become involved in the planning of each iteration, any Scrum meetings needed, demonstrations and retrospectives of each iteration
  • We foster dissemination and the transfer of knowledge so that clients can embrace the solution as their own

Iterative model according to stages


  • Experts in the European VIS to be extrapolated to other regions
  • Experts in Spanish consular management as a successful starting point adapting it to the needs of each State
  • Experts in estimates of information systems based on use cases
  • Experts in the development of biometric projects
  • Our development model stems directly from the design stage
  • We use tools and frameworks resulting from our R&D&i and we integrate other frameworks and tools such as JQUERY, AJAX, Sencha, etc.
  • All of the code we create for our clients is delivered with the source code
  • We generate cross-platform solutions with modules for:
    • Server (Web servers, Rest)
    • Desktop (.NET/JAVA)
    • WebApp (ASP.NET, J2EE, HTML5, TypeScript)
    • App (HTML5, IOS, Android)
  • Focussed on TDD
  • Test components are delivered for each module making it possible to carry out regression tests
  • We build load testing tools aimed at heuristically reproducing real work on information systems which can be configured to define various working profiles
  • We build detailed test plans stemming from the use case model to ensure all uses of the various applications are tested and validated.
  • Training and dissemination services for the client’s project managers and work team regarding the development technology and the methodologies applied.
  • Global on-site training services. We have vast experience in mobile installation teams which can be responsible for:
    • Installing equipment
    • Training on applications
    • Training on best practices on biometric enrolment
    • Progress reports of offices for systems management
  • Detailed documentation on the systems delivered broken down as follows:
    • Release note of each delivery detailing new functionalities and corrected bugs
    • Installation guide addressed to system technicians
    • Online user manuals (web)
  • Strong system for publishing new releases
    • Improved possibility for implementing pilot releases while the rest continue with the previous release
    • Control of minimum releases compatible with dependent subsystems
    • Detailed release control system according to library or artefact
    • Optimisation of downloading volume: only from libraries that have changed