GEYCE was founded in 1985. GEYCE Biometrics was the evolution of GEYCE Telecom, belonging to the GEYCE group. In October 2017, the name of the company name was changed to BioIdenti-Cell, giving greater focus to the company’s specialization in the area of biometric identification.

GEYCE Telecom was established in order to provide the group with R&D support in the field of software engineering, creating the development tools (lower CASE) and frameworks for the group’s solutions.


The GEYCE-LINK product line was established in 1988 and in 1997 the management application generator was produced. 2006 saw the development of the BioIdenti solution –the essence of GEYCE Biometrics– which is at the heart of current advanced face and fingerprint biometric treatment.


In 1988 GEYCE-LINK was created…





This is a data communication solution using the switched telephone network. It became a benchmark with a variety of notable applications such as communication for the Corberó and Newpol centres, CEPSA petrol stations, Banc Vitalici insurance services, Pokins restaurants, Casinos de Catalunya, Mango boutiques, COOB’92 control access data and consular offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, among others.


In 1997, software engineering was developed (with the JEDI-APPJEDI project)




This project brought to fruition the extensive experience built up in developing multi-platform interpreted languages based on JAVA. It consists of a design tool called JEDICASE and a form management and data browsing framework called JEDIFC. This engineering solution is continuing to fully evolve, offering us the deployment of desktop, web and mobility solutions. These tools have allowed for the development of all of GEYCE AGP’s applications in the tax and labour areas, as well as all the visa and passport management applications of consular offices and the back office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, among others.


In 2006 the first BioIdenti solutions –the origin of GEYCE Biometrics, based on face and fingerprint biometric treatment– came to see the light of day.

BioIdenti solutions

As a result of a new research and innovation line in biometrics, the first biometric enrolment solution on kiosk stations was created with the cooperation of new partners such as Informática el Corte Inglés and Investronica.

Face and fingerprint treatment base libraries were developed for clients such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Directorate General of the Police for managing visas and ID cards.