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Advanced biometric solutions

Specialists in biometrics: from development to integration and start up.

More than 20 million fingerprints, 26 million visas… Our experience as a biometrics company, along with our own R&D&i, enables us to develop advanced biometrics applied to various areas: visas, passports, security, fingerprint payments…

The key to success is our methodology, which allows us to embark our clients and partners on the projects and reach the goals we set out to achieve together.

Analysed fingerprints

Managed passports

Managed visas

What do we offer?

Biometrics company specialising in the development of biometric capture projects

BioIdenti-Cell is formed by a team of experts in biometric development (fingerprints and face) and its application. We are an IT engineering company specialising in biometrics, capable of designing solutions, managing projects and ensuring their optimum operation in time. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, we provide advanced biometric solutions to end clients, technological consultancy firms or hardware companies requiring expertise in the biometrics field.

We manufacture a product line called BioIdenti which is focussed on multi-biometric management. This solution is compatible with mobility systems or kiosk-type stations and specialises in fingerprint and face biometrics.

We offer consultancy and training services to ensure quality in the enrolment of fingerprints in order to improve performance and reliability in the identification process.

We develop management solutions for the administration directly or in cooperation with the main IT partners of the country.

One success story is the entire development for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of travel documentation management (visas and passports), whereby we provide consultancy, design, development, test systems, implementation and training in offices all around the world following the agile scrum methodology.



Main Activities

  • Manufacturers of hardware related to biometrics 18% 18%
  • Technological consultants for other sectors 31% 31%
  • Projects for the public administration 51% 51%

How we operate


Agile methodology

Applications to be used.
Clients cannot determine all the requirements blindly. This is why it is so important to build solutions following an incremental approach, with each iteration generating new requirements.


Engineers are at the very heart of BioIdenti-Cell. We are passionate about biometrics and each project offers us the possibility to apply the research that identifies us.



Scrum is the agile management model that best unites us as a group and allows us to be more responsive to the needs of our customers.
We manage the lifecycle of the projects by following this methodology.

Commitment to R&D

Constant investment in R&D, generating continuous innovations. 35% of the annual budget is allocated to research.

See What make us different

Success stories

BioIdenti-Cell: biometrics company that provides biometric enrolment solutions to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the Ministry of Home Affairs.  

Need: highly versatile enrolment solutions during implementation with a maximum quality level to comply with the standards required by the EU on the context of the VIS project.

Solution: to provide BioIdenti solutions for multi-biometric enrolment.

Special elements: integration with web applications, kiosk stations or one-stop shops and compatible with the main manufacturers of fingerprint scanners, making it possible for various suppliers to coexist in time.

Success factors: the quality of the results and the monitoring service based on the centralisation of statistical enrolment data of each location and the analysis of deviations from European standards.

Success stories

BioIdenti-Cell: company providing visa and passport management solutions implemented in all Spanish consular offices.

Need: comprehensive development of consular management, with capabilities for issuing visas and passports and recording consular identification cards, and of centralised systems for central Spanish authorities. Integration with the European VIS project.

Solution: BioIdenti-Cell has developed, along with the Sub-directorate General for Computing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the entire consular and central management.

Special elements: procedures for scheduling an appointment with the consulate for processing files have been included, as well as interfaces with other public administration bodies based on web services. Extranet services have been implemented for outsourcing certain services such as pre-applications for visas, scanning of documentation and printing of passport booklets.

Success factors: development platform based on our JEDI technology, making it possible to achieve a high level of productivity and the creation of solutions conceived to be maintained and evolved from their first implementation.

Success stories

BioIdenti-Cell specialises in the development of biometric capture projects and provides biometric consultancy services for a global passport and visa outsourcing company.  

Need: an acknowledged outsourcing company with offices all around the globe specialising in the outsourcing of passport and visa management needs to improve the quality of fingerprints scanned in the enrolment process.

Solution: consultancy services focussed on improving the software solution, providing middleware for quality control, global statistical analysis and detailed studies on the reasons behind the low quality according to geographical areas and mediation with the Spanish government to improve outsourcing interfaces.

Special elements: we act like an external audit service, validating the software version prior to implementation and providing specialised quality control libraries.

Success factors: integration with the management of the development team and the end client to improve monitoring and progress reports while awaiting for the results that comply with the quality standards required by the EU.

What our clients say about us

“I have been working with GEYCE for many years and I could highlight many things: their products, their technology, their methodology… but, above all, I’d say the people are their greatest asset; with them, any challenge can be faced and any project is possible.”

Juan Carlos Barajas (Head of Web Service at the MAEC)

“Thanks to GEYCE we have totally changed our passport issuance system. We went from a distributed issuance system to a centralised model and finally to an outsourced model. All these changes have been made in a continuous manner without causing any disturbances.”

Carlos Vergara (Head of the Service for Nationals of the MAEC)

“A solid partner we can trust. Once you reach an agreement with them, they will never let you down.”

Manuel Calderón (ICT Security Manager)

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“The people at GEYCE always deliver and provide added value.”

Emiliano Hervás (Head of the Visa Service of the MAEC)

“They have been able to fully integrate their solutions and make them compatible with our devices and we have been able to offer a much better service. Thank you for your contribution.”

Mario Lombán (Identity Sales Manager)


“GEYCE’s visa solution is among the most advanced in Europe.”

Pilar Asenjo (Director in the public administration)

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General questions

Do you offer SDKs for your Bioldenti solutions?

Yes. We create our own libraries. We study each case and reach agreements that make it possible to use the service with reasonable costs.

What is a kiosk in biometrics?

It’s a station that integrates various hardware elements such as data reader, camera, fingerprint scanner, document reader… and which is focussed on citizens. Accordingly, citizens interact with the system by means of buttons or a touch screen.


Our implementations on kiosk-type stations always offer an API for web control and monitoring accessible for the operator so he can follow the citizen enrolment process and, if applicable, take control of the process and decide on any given step.

What platforms does BioIdenti work on?

Our base libraries have been migrated to IOS, Android, Windows and Linux platforms.


Similarly, solutions adapted to each platform have been created, whether mobile, web, server, desktop…

Why is BioIdenti different from other SDKs?

Our SDK ensures a quality solution is obtained and this is a competitive advantage for BioIdenti-Cell. A consultancy and integration service is also included to ensure quality. BioIdenti-Cell’s SDKs work.

Can I integrate BioIdenti biometric solutions in a webapp?

Yes, we know how to do it. We are aware that this is one of the main problems arising when biometrics are integrated into an information system which is usually web-based. Management of hardware devices makes it more difficult to implement solutions that are easy to maintain.   At BioIdenti-Cell we specialise in solutions adapted to each case and can provide from black-box type solutions controlled via web to ActiveX components that control a device and can be controlled from web solutions. We have also been able to provide solutions for banking environments under virtualised models.

How does the enrolment system you offer work?

We provide a solution to the incorporation of biometric data (usually a face photograph and fingerprints) in a file or application. It works like a black box.

It is usually managed as a separate process to the gathering of biographic data and relations are established by means of an identifier.

Our competitive advantage lies in quality assurance. We guarantee the best possible capture quality and this offers the fullest assurances in the subsequent identification process.

Partners and distributors

How do we distribute BioIdenti products in South America?

We look for local partners capable of integrating and supplying hardware who are a reference in the IT field and work for the respective public administration.

How do we distribute BioIdenti products in European countries?

We channel distribution through local partners who can complement our solutions in each country.

We are HW manufacturers: can we do business?

One of our strengths is interoperability. We can homologate new hardware that may be offered and which could be compatible with our solutions. We can join efforts as partners on certain projects offering specific vertical solutions. Contact

We have encountered problems with fingerprints: can you help us?

Yes. We can offer consultancy and process monitoring services. We can foster operator training, integrate quality control modules or supply SDKs to be integrated into your project.

What biometric hardware (scanners and cameras) manufacturers do you work with?

We set no limits to business; we are open to making our solutions compatible with all manufacturers in the sector.

Do you sell biometric scanners or cameras?

No, but we can make recommendations based on our experience and according to the scope of application of the system.