Quality Policy

At BIOIDENTI-CELL, we are specialists in advanced biometric solutions and reading and verification of ID documents, both in the public and private sectors. Our commitment to our collaborators and clients consists in the development of projects adapted to the needs and requirements raised, in an agile way and with the possibility that the client can know at anytime the progress of the project, participating in the validation of progressive partial deliveries until all the requirements are met.
On the other hand, we supply licensed products that we build and update based on technological improvements and needs that we detect or receive from our stakeholders.
Finally, we supply high-tech devices aimed at capturing fingerprints or reading ID documents and which we make compatible with our solutions.

To achieve these objectives we consider these key points:

  • The entire organization must be identified and participate in the continuous improvement of quality.
  • In each specific case it is necessary to analyze and clearly define the needs of interested parties that may be affected.
  • The entire organization must be subject to the process of continuous quality improvement.
  • The training of our collaborators is facilitated and encouraged.
  • The satisfaction of each employee in their workplace is essential.
  • The work environment has to be comfortable, pleasant, with technologically advanced tools that eliminate risks, promote the satisfaction and integration of the collaborator in the development of their activity in the company.
  • The continued effort to provide services, products and opportunities that make us a better alternative to our competitors.
  • Compliance with the criteria, and requirements, of the UNE-en-ISO 9001-2015 standard and the legal, regulatory and customer criteria and requirements.
  • Integrate external suppliers and collaborators in our quality philosophy.
  • Compliance with the strategic annual objectives established in the reviews that are carried out for this purpose and that are consistent with this policy.

This policy is made known to all interested parties.

January 2022
Joan Vilaseca