BioIdenti-Cell forma parte del consorcio del Proyecto H2020 “FaBo-SBC”.

Within the strategy of the company focused on the constant investment in R & D, BioIdenti-Cell takes part of an attractive consortium of universities, companies and public administration.

The General Objective of FaBo-SBC project is to develop a new contactless 3D multimodal biometric recognition system with multi-biometric fusion of contact-based technologies capable of improving the efficiency and reliability of biometric-based border checks in terms of both speed and accuracy with high level of security.

The ever-growing number of travellers crossing the EU borders poses a serious challenge to the border control authorities in terms of a reduced amount of time for carrying out border checks. Consequently, efforts are being undertaken to facilitate the travel of bona-fide and genuine passengers and simultaneously to safeguard high level of security. In particular, in the field of person and document authentication and/or verification, the  deployment of biometric-based approaches led to significant advances as regards making the border control processes more efficient.

Further explorations, going beyond state-of-the-art, of biometric-based person identification detection techniques are expected to contribute to making the daily work of border control authorities more efficient and to significantly facilitating bona-fide non-EU citizens in crossing EU external borders.

This project is crucial to the strategy of growth and internationalization of the company started in 2013 and aims at positioning of BioIdenti-Cell as specializing in facial recognition technology company and quality assurance in fingerprint enrolment. The applications of this technology are based on the momentum that has led to the biometric incorporation in travel documents and the commitment of the company is part of the evolution to new sectors seeking the reliability of this technology are the banking sector to anti-fraud measures or marketing, security companies, controls presence and wandering monitoring residences, tourism …

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