Face biometrics


Detection, identification and recognition.

These are solutions that can find individuals in a photo or video and, subsequently, pick them out from a list








ICAO quality recording

For ICAO cropping solutions for passport size photo capture, visas, passports, visitor’s cards in secure areas.

Automatic detection of closed eyes, open mouth, non-forward looking face, sunglasses, poor lighting…

Detection of characteristics relating to age, gender, ethnic origin, hair colour and length, beard, moustache, glasses, hat/cap, piercings/earrings, freckles…


Immediate recognition

Live facial recognition of individuals by means of access control-based solutions, control in high risk large venues (football stadiums, pavilions, party halls, casinos)

Statistical control solutions according to age, gender, ethnic origin and so on for mass access.




Detection of one or more people in still images or videos. On the context of face biometrics, multi-face detection forms an everyday part of photo, video and device camera software.

Identify & Match

Capacity to identify people in a database and find them in another database or list.



Photo cropping according to ICAO stipulations regulating the guidelines for a face photograph to be used on official documents.

Success stories


Visas and passports

  • 100% VIS compliant
  • 100% ICAO compliant

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ID card

BioIdenti-Cell’s face detection has been used to capture a face photograph for the renewal of national ID cards. BioIdenti-Cell and IECISA have worked together in defining and building a kiosk-type solution to automate the task of photo capture, fingerprinting and signatures in renewing national ID cards. BioIdenti-Cell has contributed its experience in development in kiosk environments and, likewise, the integration of biometric SDK for face photograph capture and cropping in addition to the capture and verification of fingerprints.

Other solutions


Venue access

Checks on presence in major venues is essential to ensure the security of the population. To avoid unwanted build-ups control tools on presence should not hinder the flow of people. BioIdenti-Cell provides dynamic face recognition checks without individuals needing to stop or queue. Detection and verification is immediate.

Control in open areas

Control in specific open areas is vital to ensure the security of the population (demonstrations, football matches, parks, public areas, etc.) and large police units are not always on hand or visibly present. In this context, face recognition is a useful tool to consider using.


Supported devices
Kit BioIdenti is adapted to any still or live image devices and major systems

Photographic cameras





Existing screen solutions