This year, we return to the MWC as we did last year, presenting our solutions in mobility for enrollment and identification of people using facial and fingerprint biometrics.
In the last edition, we presented our commitment to Self Sovereign Biometric Identity solutions that we are working on to develop innovative market products with companies in the field of access control with European funds. We continue with this commitment to work for an ethical use of biometrics.

Under the umbrella of the European Entry Exit System project, the different European Member States have to deal with systems that integrate biometrics into kiosk and mobile platforms. In this area, we have web or native Android enrolment, identification and verification solutions that allow us to integrate biometrics into self-service devices or mobile devices such as Credence, Thales, Bluecheck, among others. We have experience in the field of prisons in which this type of device is used to make identifications in situations such as life outings, controls of the movements of inmates in isolation modules, identifications in accesses vis-à-vis, etc.

The most innovative solution we present at MWC 2022 is getting fingerprint  from an image captured with your smartphone camera. Is it possible to capture fingerprints without a reader? This technology can provide massive deployments with low device investment. We will take advantage of the MWC to present what we can offer and what is the functional route that we can give especially to the State Security Forces and Corps.

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