Our experts

Engineers are at the heart of BioIdenti-Cell; and our clients and partners know our experts by their name. Expertise goes beyond a qualification or training; the projects undertaken have truly afforded us unique and specific training.

We have an expert multidisciplinary team, with specialists in: visas (VIS project); passports (BAC, EAC, PACE); fingerprint quality analysis (ISO, NIST (NFIQ1, NFIQ2)); face recognition (ICAO); biometrics and mobility (Apple pay); development (JAVA, JAVA-Android, ASP.NET, C, C++, C#, Objective C, Swift, Angular, React, Python, etc.) and so on, and specialists in training.


Main experts according to specialisation

“We have been using biometric systems for identifying people for many years now. However, it is only now that the technological elements are in place to do so in a more efficient and secure manner. Soon we will not need to remember passwords or personal codes. In fact, the revolution has already started. You hardly need to carry money with you these days. Now you can start forgetting about carrying your wallet”.

Joan-Carles Vilaseca

Systems architect and expert in compilers, interpreters and fingerprint biometrics

“Scrum, coordination and communication build good teams, and good teams do what clients expect from them: understanding, empathy, accord and satisfaction”.

Mireia Arce

Expert in agile and scrum methodology and systems functional analysis


“The VIS project is one of the most important collaboration projects in the world and one of the ways in which the European Union is being shaped. This has become the project that has marked my professional life”


Carles Caurín

Expert in self-assisted biometric units and European corporate projects

“Empathy with the user, understanding their fears and overcoming their reluctance to face change is essential in order to ensure the success of the implementation of an IT system”

José Luis Iglesias (Chechu)

Expert in multiplatform development, web applications and design

“Combining biometrics will ensure identification without any margin of error. We will need to pay attention to its integration into mobile devices as it will not be easy to preserve confidentiality and security.”

Joan Valls

Expert in face biometrics and engineering for the app generated

“There are two projects I would highlight above the rest: one is the internal management project which enables us all to form part of the journeys we embark on. The other is what we developed in the field of dependency for the Town Council of Sant Cugat del Vallès. This was a way of exercising social responsibility and applying technology to social services.

The most important asset of BioIdenti-Cell is the professionals comprising it, people who have created a very united team with an eminently creative and innovative profile. They decided to evolve together within the same company, transforming BioIdenti-Cell into another rung in our professional ladders. They have been responsible for changing the company instead of changing companies and BioIdenti-Cell encouraged them to do so. The appealing and relevant projects of the clients with whom they have worked have only made this decision easier”

Joan Vilaseca