BioIdenti-Cell develops a video analysis solution in real time with face recognition.

The use of combined technology of 3M Cogent and BioIdenti-Cell can address surveillance solutions, presence, wandering control, anti-fraud controls in cash, solutions for residences in which facial recognition technology can be supportive or based alternative to other keys, RFID or fingerprint identification technology systems.

The video represents a workspace in which different workers who strike up a conversation while the video analysis system in real time identifies the people who were previously enrolled in the system appear.

The technology applied in this environment is 2D using HD webcam.

The limitations of this scenario are the distance and the position since, as can be seen, if the position of the front face is not, the system will not be able to recognize the subject.

The alternative to this scenario is the use of 3D cameras that allow a 3D template to extract the facial structure of the person and perform facial recognition from 2 models:

  1. Comparison of 3D templates, which requires that the original enrolment also perform with these cameras
  2. Comparison of 3D template with a 2D template obtained from a frontal facial enrolment (such as photo ID, passport or visa).

BioIdenti-Cell currently participates in a European consortium for the R & D funds H2020 called FaBo-SBC.