Control of the presence of workers with biometric identification

BioIdenti^ControlPresencia is a software developed by BioIdenti-Cell, to control the biometric presence of workers.

Main features:

  • Check-in using fingerprint
  • Less than 2 seconds per worker
  • Allows the multiplexing of biometric control points
  • Compatible with the main manufacturers of fingerprint readers
  • Enabled on cloud platform
  • It allows the integration with ePortem of GEYCE AGP SOFTWARE S.L.
  • Biometric input / output check-in that will be registered in this system for management and treatment
  • The biometric data are dissociated from the personal data so that only from the identification module personal data is related to the biometric key
  • The biometric data is not recorded in any local computer, not making copies of this sensitive data
  • Live fingerprint detection and automatic correction of very wet or very dry fingerprints

Includes a biometric enrollment module that integrates different levels of quality control to ensure maximum efficiency during identification.

The Finger Biometric Presence Control is divided into two functions:

  1. Management of biometric data of workers
  2. Biometric input / output check-in
Most outstanding success stories
  • Integración en importante empresa de gestión laboral
  • Portal de gestión de empresas
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