BackOffice web solution for backend

Centralized web application that allows the consultation, management and exploitation of the biometric database with ANSI NIST dump.

It manages the biometric information of people allowing to uncouple biographical data from biometrics. In this way, the biographical sheets are not integrated into the ABIS system but reside in the client’s database and a link is established through an internal reference field.

It offers services for the import / export of registrations, as well as searches of external organizations, using an interoperable ANSI NIST format.
Customizable integration project.
It is offered under the IIS or JEE platform.

Most outstanding application cases
  • Access control in public organizations
  • Security control in airports
  • Access to sports clubs
  • Hotel receptions
Most outstanding success stories
  • Biometric accreditation management
  • Onboarding digital control
  • Central prison management
Type of product Project
Deployment method Cloud/OnPremise
Enrolment X
Identification X
Web Services  
Windows Desktop  
WebApp X
Cloud X
Facial X
Fingerprint X
FP LiveScan  
ID Reader